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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Guidelines and Incentives

Requirements as a Ripe Vapes Distributor

  • Monthly post regarding our authentication process.
  • Adverising space on website.
  • Direct access to sales employees for training on Ripe Vapes products.
  • Information regarding regulation changes as they become known specific to their market.
  • Assistance in counterfeiting mitigation.
  • Proper product placement and presentation at stores they sell to or control including information on product authentication, shelf placement, and keeping stores properly stocked.
  • If conducting online sales, keeping our products priced according to market trends but never dropping retail or wholesale price without prior notification and justification.
  • Assistance in making eligible products where applicable.
  • Packaging style of product is appropriate for distributors territory.

Orders and Payments

  • Each order cycle shall be no more than 45 days. Payment must be complete for orders within the cycle no less than five business days after order is ready for shipment.
  • Orders that are not paid by the deadline will be assessed a 0.5% storage fee per week.
  • A new order must be placed within 28 days of the previous orders' ship date.

Benefits of being a Ripe Vapes Distributor

  • Access to our incentive programs.
  • Posts on our social media platforms.
  • First to receive new products.
  • Access to a dedicated account representative.