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RIPE - adjective (rip-er,rip-est)

1. Having arrived at such a stage of growth or development as to be ready for reaping, gathering, eating, or use, as grain or fruit; completely matured.

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If I could give 10 stars I would! I have been picking this VCT up at a few of the local b&m here in WA state and it is the BEST tobacco based juice I have EVER had!
velveteenrabbitt / June 27, 2015
By. Far. My. Absolute. Favorite. VCT is just so perfectly sweet and flavorful. I can’t get over it. Still as good as the first time I tasted it.
Celia / March 3, 2015
Not your grandmas vape juice. The pear and almond spank you like a red headed step child.. if you want flavor. Get you some.
John / July 10th, 2015
Stopped by a local b&m and was trying out banana juices. When I tried the Monkey Snack I was hooked. This juice tastes amazing everyone needs to try it.
Chester / May 6, 2015
Ethan Grady
One of the best jooses known to man. Tastes just like the greatest Key Lime Cookie ive ever tasted… I just cant get enough. Perfection in a little glass dripper
Ethan Grady / July 26, 2015